Acquisition & Retention
Acquisition & Retention

Reach is great.
Sales are better.

Get Your Brand in Front of Countless Users

With billions of users logging in to Facebook and Instagram everyday, you can guarantee your target customers are on those platforms. 

Organic reach on both platforms has become restricted, meaning there’s a good chance your ideal audience isn’t seeing your content though.

That’s where paid ads come in. A quality campaign put in front of the right audience can get you and your business the results you need.

For when you need to hit the first page of Google ASAP

Showing up at the top of Google’s search rankings organically is hard, and it can take a while.

Google Ads allow you to fast-track your ascent to the top of the search results by bidding to show up first. Combined with Google Display Network and Shopping Ads, Google Ads can be an effective addition to your business’ marketing strategy.

How we helped Racquet Science add customers and revenue

Through a combination of high quality content, email lead capture, and in-depth email automation we’ve grown Racquet Science’s website traffic by 55% and increased ecommerce revenue by 193%.

Racquet Science


Keeping Customers

It takes a lot of effort to land a new customer. Once you have them, how are you reengaging them to make sure they keep coming back?


Is at least 25% of your revenue coming from email?

If not, you're leaving money on the table.

Building and engaging with an email list is one of the most effective things a business can do.

No matter what happens with Google SEO algorithms or paid social media reach, you’ll always own your email list – a direct line to your customers’ and prospects’ inboxes.

Some examples of email marketing and automation:

  • Dripping educational content to prospects to guide them further down the sales funnel
  • Conversion-focused emails to drive sales from prospects right on the edge
  • Post-sales automations to ensure you’re providing value for your customers – and driving as much revenue as possible

When you intelligently segment your email audience based on what they buy and when, how they interact with your website, and more, you improve the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

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