Case Study: Topsy Farms
Case Study: Topsy Farms

Project Details

Topsy Farms approached us to develop a custom app that could help farm visitors find their way around the property, learn about and interact with the many sites and activities, and provide a more fun and engaging experience. In order to hit their goals, the app needed to include:

Email Integration

Through an integration with Klaviyo, when guests sign up to use the Topsy Farms app, the business can be sure they’re able to continue to communicate with their customers after they’ve left the farm.


To show users where they are on the farm and where the different attractions are located.

Ecommerce Connection

We highlighted some of Topsy Farms’ top products, connecting to their Shopify store to complete transactions.

Multiple Content Types

There are multiple types of listings on the app, from sites/attractions, to events, and more, so it was important that Topsy Farms could display text, images, and videos easily.

Easy Admin Management

The app is easy for Admins to manage to update content as needed.

Topsy Farms app
Topsy Farms app
Topsy Farms app

Making an app worth it

One of the keys to making an app worth the investment, is having a clear understanding of how it will be used, and how it will improve customer engagement.

In the case of Topsy Farms, it was clear that an app would both:

Improve guest engagement by making all of the wonderful sites and attractions on the farm more easily accessible, and providing deeper information and context for the history of the farm, the people behind it, and why it’s such a great business to support.

Increase revenue by integrating the app with Klaviyo, their email marketing automation software. When guests use the app, they opt in via email, which triggers relevant email automations and includes farm visitors in future email Campaigns. Strategic email marketing can increase an ecommerce business’ revenue by 25-30%.

Topsy Farms

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