Case Study: The Barbell Mamas
Case Study: The Barbell Mamas

Project Highlights

When we started working with The Barbell Mamas, they had a great following thanks to other relevant business and academic successes and relationships. They also had the subject matter expertise to build out months of highly niche programming content.

They needed our help to build out their brand and visual identity, and to build the website platform all of their members could access program materials.

Brand & Visual
Identity Design

Membership & Fitness
Platform Development

The Barbell Mamas mustard logo

The Brand

With many fitness programs targeting pregnant and postpartum women, the goal was to create a relatable and non-stereotypical brand while reflecting Christina’s (the owner and face of the business) personality.

With Christina being a well-respected leader in the health and wellness space, the strategy for this brand was to center around her as “the” barbell mama. As a mother of 2 with first hand experience and a PhD (c) in this industry, the business strategy focused on influencer-like tactics; appeal to your demographic, make fun content, and also make educational content.

For the logo, we created the typeface by using a hand-lettered base then stylized it to make a stronger composition. Instead of using a stereotypical dumbbell or barbell in the logo, we used a stylized line as a nod towards fitness equipment that could also act as a pictorial mark on any social media posts. As a first impression, the goal was to not make it look clinical in nature, but rather a brand that appeals to your everyday pregnant and postpartum athlete.

the barbell mamas programming platform
the barbell mamas programming platform

The Website & Membership Platform

The Barbell Mamas needed a membership platform that allows users to access one of multiple niche programming streams, developed specifically for high-level pregnant and postpartum athletes.

We built a platform for them that includes:

  • Custom designed WordPress website
  • LMS (Learning Management System) integration for workout program content
  • Membership functionality for paid monthly subscriptions
The Barbell Mamas Homepage
the barbell mamas programming platform
the barbell mamas programming platform

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