Case Study: Improbable Escapes & Wonderland
Case Study: Improbable Escapes & Wonderland

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Throughout the 5-year growth of Improbable Escapes, and its sister brands Wonderland and new subsidiary Visual Menace, everything from branding, to website design, ecommerce growth, business development, retail build and design, and more, have developed exponentially.


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The Business Evolution

When Improbable Escapes first began in 2015, the company was meant to be a one-location brick and mortar traditional escape room. As such, the original branding wasn’t scalable or well-applied in different scenarios.

As the company and brand grew, Improbable Escapes launched more locations both at museums and historic sites, but also in the city of Kingston. As a result, the branding needed to change to accommodate different locations and styles of gameplay.

The brand was dialled back to a simple typography-focused logo so that it could be combined with relevant imagery depending on it’s usage. For the downtown location, the simple logo was combined with a stylized HQ, and it was also combined with pictorial marks when signifying a theme – i.e. a pumpkin for their haunted attraction experiences.

When the second brick and mortar location launched with the theme of storybooks and fairytales, the logo was combined with a stylized “Wonderland” to feel more whimsical in nature.

improbable escapes wonderland
improbable escapes wonderland
improbable escapes website

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